An inflatable concrete water tank to help communities get safe drinking water

Deploy is an inflatable concrete water storage tank that fits on a standard pallet and can be transported anywhere in the world.

If you live in a community where drinking water is fairly accessible, you may never have worried about its scarcity. In communities where they do not have access to drinking water, they know that it is a resource that saves and changes many lives.

There are organizations that specifically help facilitate access to clean water for the most vulnerable communities. The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has affected the lives of millions of people and we are also seeing different technologies and innovations emerging to bring aid to countries and communities.

A Turkish company is helping those whose access to drinking water continues to be cut off by the earthquake. They sent inflatable concrete tanks with a capacity of 14,000 liters of drinking water.

They are made from a proprietary material called “concrete tarp” which can be packed flat for transport and then inflated when it arrives at its destination. We rarely see the words “inflatable” and “concrete” together, so this is a unique type of material that will come in handy when clean water needs to be stored for a long time.

The concrete web is a layer of cement that is placed between the fabric and a PVC liner. It flattens and can be carried through the air to its final destination. There is a concrete base slab that will support the structure and it is necessary to use an air pump to inflate it. There is also a hydration process which will cause it to harden and it will take about 24 hours for it to be strong enough to hold water. Once inflated and hardened, it will become a 2.5 meter water tank, fireproof and waterproof.

The tank is low maintenance, easy to clean and self-repairing. It is not necessary to invest many hours of labor and other materials to install and maintain it for as long as necessary. It can be a good tool for communities that need to store clean water, and it has a 20 year useful lifeso hopefully it won’t take so long to make the water clean at the place.

More information: Deploy

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