Aluminum doors and windows: benefits to improve energy efficiency

When energy prices rise and negatively surprise families with their energy bills, that’s when we wonder the most what we can do to reduce energy consumption in the home. If changing certain habits or turning on the heating only when it is really necessary can really help to reduce consumption, thermal insulation is the real solution.

Thermal insulation, through doors and windows designed for this purpose, is essential to prevent the entry and exit of air from the house, favoring a greater sealing of the property. In this way, the house is better insulated from the outside and the outside temperatures will have much less influence on the temperature recorded inside the house.

Aluminum doors and windows are the most recommended solution to achieve this goal. We can see all the possibilities that exist in the aluminum carpentry Barcelona Macrisal, where its specialists create thousands of Aluminum doors and windows that help your customers achieve proper insulation in their home and improved energy efficiency of housing.


Why is aluminum the ideal material for improving energy efficiency?

On the market you can find doors and windows in many materials, such as wood or PVC. But aluminum is the material most recommended by experts when the goal of thermally insulating the house from the outside is pursued. Among the many advantages of aluminum as a material for doors and windows, we highlight the following:

Superior level of thermal insulation

Aluminum windows and doors achieve the highest transmission values, both in hot and cold climates. Aluminum is a material with a great thermal insulation power which allow a very significant level of savings to be achieved by needing heating or air conditioning systems much less frequently. In addition, many aluminum windows also incorporate polyamide rods, an element that further increases their level of insulation.

Superior level of sound insulation

Aluminum windows and doors are distinguished by their greater tightness or their ability to isolate the space from the outside. This not only provides excellent thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation which helps prevent outside sound from entering easily in the family home. The acoustic advantages offered by aluminum are not offered by other materials and, moreover, they are maintained throughout the life cycle of the loudspeaker, that is, until the windows or doors are removed to replace others.

100% recyclable material

In addition to helping us achieve a more energy-efficient home due to the lower energy consumption we are going to make, it also helps us reduce our impact on the planet. This is so because aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, so you will not generate waste with your purchase or when you collect it in the future. Aluminum is an example in the circular economy because it returns to be used again and again in the manufacture of different elements as if it were the first time.

Long life expectancy

Aluminum is a very strong material that always offers a long service life. Aluminum does not rust and is therefore unaffected by humidity. It is a material that has a low coefficient of expansion and also has high mechanical strength. Some aluminum windows and doors purchased and installed today they may look like the first day in 50 years. A lifetime that is not within reach of other common materials in doors and windows such as wood.

attractive aesthetic

Aluminum, in addition to being energy efficient, is also a visually and decoratively attractive material. There is a wide range of textures and colors from which you can choose your favorites when buying a door or window. There are even windows with two-tone profiles, with one color for the inside face and another color for the outside.

Reduced maintenance

Aluminum is a material that stands out for its low maintenance requirements. It is a resistant material which requires few repairs and which they just need occasional cleaning as well as other areas or household items. Nothing to do with wooden windows, which require varnishing, sanding and painting to promote their long-term preservation.

As we can see, aluminum windows and doors bring many advantages to any home, advantages that largely explain the current success of this material.

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