Almería’s super wastewater treatment plant that obtains clean water, biogas and phosphorus

A European initiative that will place Almería at the international forefront in the regeneration of wastewater for later reuse in agricultural irrigation in a safe and efficient way.

An international initiative led by Aqualia that studies new methods of regenerating wastewater for agricultural irrigation.


LIFE Phoenix Project

The LIFE Phoenix project puts the province of Almería at the forefront of reused water.

The project has an investment of more than 3.3 million euros.

A fundamental project for the future of a commodity as precious in this province as water and its relationship with a sector potentially as important as agriculture.

The province of Almería is characterized by being one of the places in the world where this resource is best optimized and used, which, on the other hand, is scarce. They are the vegetable garden of Europe and they know how to make the most of every drop.

The project, framed within the European LIFE programme, is made up of an international consortium with partners such as Aguas de Portugal and the Dutch company MicroLAN; Spanish public entities such as the Provincial Council of Almería, the University of Almería and the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation, as well as national partners such as CETIM, Newland EnTech and Aqualia itself, which is leading the study.


The motivation of the project is to find solutions to the increasing water scarcity in Europe due to climate change.

To carry out this project, several demonstration plants integrated into shipping containers have been designed and built that allow the development of customized solutions according to the type of water and the size of the population.

The plants will be itinerant and will be tested in several Spanish localities, starting with the province of Almería.

The overall objective is that wastewater has the second life it deserves and that the residual term is never linked to water, this is the most important challenge and we are starting it in the province of Almería because that it is the vegetable garden of Europe and a power of innovation.

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