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Are you looking for a solar power bank? If so, you may be wondering which is the best option for you.

There are many solar power banks available in the market, and it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your needs. In this guide, we will provide you with information on what to look for when buying a solar power bank.


Factors to consider when buying a solar power bank.

Different brands have different capacities. All are sold as the best product that exists. Simply put, a product is only better if it meets all your requirements and limitations.

Here are some of the essential feature indicators to look for:

  • battery capacity. Battery capacity is the value written on your power bank which ends with mAh. Shows the power that can be obtained from a solar power bank. The higher the mAh value, the higher the power and charge of the solar power bank. You should choose a solar power bank according to the battery capacity according to the intended use and usage.
  • The time required to fully charge the battery with solar energy. Solar power banks are usually purchased taking into account the solar charging capacity of the product. But the bad side is that the time varies between brands. Some options can even take days to fully charge the power bank. It is generally suggested to opt for a power bank that charges efficiently with a solar panel.
  • Weight and height. This is an essential factor, especially for travel. You should buy solar power banks that are relatively easy to move around and have a relatively portable design. You should also try to have a power bank that is as light as possible. Things that are easy to pack are always more useful.
  • Sustainability. We all would like to buy a high quality and durable power bank. You should buy a solar power bank that is shock, dust and water resistant. The case should be sturdy and have a good waterproof rating on your product.

These characteristics are responsible for providing a durable and profitable purchase.

Bonus features.

You should be aware of any additional benefits or features available with the product. Some of the additional built-in features are pretty cool. It can be LED flashlights, a portable compass or even an extra cable.

Flashlights, in particular, are useful for most users. Although these features should be the deciding factors, it is good to have multifunctional tools.

  • Customer service. Good customer service is very important. You should check the reviews and look at the customer support options offered by the brand. Having reliable customer service will give you a lot of confidence.
  • Cost. Cost is a very important factor. In general, the higher quality brand will have a higher price. Therefore, try not to be fooled by the very cheap prices. These products can give problems after some time of use.

How do solar power banks work?

Solar power banks have gained immense popularity in recent years. Why wouldn’t they? It is always useful to have a source of energy independent of the network.

It’s like having an unlimited source of energy. But the question is, how does a solar power bank work?

The solar power bank has one main component, the photovoltaic panel. Different solar power banks have different types of photovoltaic solar panels. They can be single or double.

Some may even have four folding solar panels. All these solar panels contribute to the absorption of solar rays, which are then converted into electric current.

The panel is made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. When the sun’s rays strike the solar panel, the radiation comes into contact with the photovoltaic cells and as a result, electrons begin to move through the cell.

This creates a current flow.

The current produced is stored in the rechargeable battery, usually lithium-ion. Once the energy is stored, the solar power bank can easily power all your electronic devices.

You can also charge the solar power bank via the socket. Due to this dual capability, solar power banks are rapidly gaining popularity.

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