AGROMATTER Conference: Development of highly durable technical materials

On November 3, the AGROMATTER conference will take place, during which new opportunities will be presented to companies to develop highly sustainable technical materials. Businesses will be able to connect online or attend in person.

AITEX, through the AGROMATTER NETWORK, is organizing a free conference for companies to take place on November 3, during which new developments of highly sustainable technical materials derived from by-products or waste from the agricultural industry will be presented.

Today there is a huge amount of waste generated in most processes in the agricultural sector, which makes it necessary to recover these wastes and by-products, thus obtaining new materials with low environmental impact, easily recyclable and with a perfectly defined life cycle. .

What is the AGROMATTER Network?

The AGROMATTER NETWORK is a set of five Technology Centers (AITEX, ANDALTEC, CTAEX, CTNC and ITENE) that are highly complementary in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology and materials science, with the aim of creating a network of Technology Centers of Scientific-Technical Excellence in the field of the circular economy applied to the development of biosourced materials for technical applications and thus achieve a position of reference R&D centers both nationally and internationally, so as to result in a growth in R&D action projects and technology transfer to the commercial fabric.

What are we going to discuss today?

  • Presentation and evolution of the AGROMATTER NETWORK
  • Business Success Stories
  • Funding mechanisms by the CDTI
  • Workshop in the premises of AITEX (only face-to-face – limited places)

Who is it addressed to?

The conference is aimed at companies from multiple application sectors, in particular those in the textile, cosmetics, nutraceutical and construction sectors.

How to register?

The conference will have two modalities, online and face to face in the facilities of AITEX (Alcoy). You can register at the following links:

This project is financed by the CDTI (Industrial Technological Development Center), through the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as part of the assistance to the “Cervera” technological centers of excellence. CER-20211013.

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