Aerovoltaic solar panels capture the sun to produce electricity, heat or air-condition homes

System that exploits thermal energy. The photovoltaic panel uses only 20% of the solar energy, while losing 60% of the heat.

The front side of the panel harnesses the sun’s rays to generate electricity, just like a standard photovoltaic panel. And this is where it gets even smarter. The back of the aerovoltaic panel captures heat from the atmosphere, where it is filtered by our ventilation and energy management module before being used to heat the house and purify indoor air.

This makes it the most powerful solar panel in the world, with its unprecedented performance of 900 W (250 We + 650 Wt)



At the front are photovoltaic panels that generate electricity using the sun’s rays.

On the back there is an insulated air chamber (patented) which allows the outside air to warm up by exchanging heat with the photovoltaic panel.

This hot air, through a system of channels, is then sucked in and filtered by the ventilation module and diffused into the house through the air vents.

A simple system, but above all that guarantees significant energy savings and great comfort in the environment.

During the hot summer months, the aerovoltaic unit can be reversed by a smart thermostat, giving you cool air and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The system will silently diffuse cool air into the room with a temperature about 4°C lower than that of the outside.

So you can spend a comfortable night with the windows closed.

It is effective even on cloudy days and at night. Indeed, the aerovoltaic solar system works by absorbing atmospheric energy, and not direct sunlight. This allows you to enjoy the many economic benefits of renewable technology all year round, whatever the weather.

Traditional photovoltaic solar panels waste about 60% of available solar energy. In a standard unit, this heat was lost, until an aerovoltaic panel harvests the otherwise wasted solar energy and uses it to regulate the temperature inside a building.


Plus, the solar-powered ventilation system filters a constant supply of fresh air throughout the home, improving indoor air quality for better health and well-being.

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