Aerocompact, simple and fast mounting system for photovoltaic panels

Aerocompact presents the hook for the quick mounting of modules on sloping roofs.

CompactPITCH XT35-VLOW is particularly suitable for Mediterranean roofs. With a thickness of only 20 mm, the base plate is very low, which makes this aluminum hook suitable for use with flat slats, for example, or tiles.

Unlike common pitched roof hooks, the new hook has two vertical positions instead of the usual toothed plates and screws, saving installers a lot of time.

Simply insert the hook from the side into the guides of the base plate and the installation is complete.

Aerocompact offers both set screws for simultaneous positioning and mounting and set screws for off-center base plates anchored in concrete.

Fixing photovoltaic panels.

The base plate is fixed with wood screws. The hook is then adjusted by moving it horizontally on one of the two rail levels. Only one wood screw is needed for final fixing. The base plate can also be fixed quickly and easily in an off-center position.

Simply attach the protruding base plate to the subframe with wood screws. Fixing the ceiling hook off-center is done with the supplied hex socket head screw, which is clamped to the base plate.

The base plate can also be anchored to concrete.

Maximum flexibility.

To further reduce assembly time, Aerocompact offers the CE-certified roof hook, which is optionally available with a pre-assembled CL adapter with quick release.

Thanks to the innovative click mechanism, it fits quickly and easily on any mounting rail of the X series. With the mounting rail X40-X50, the installation of framed modules is also possible in landscape mode. The additional modular rails are mounted directly on the base rails with the XDL cross connector.

Aerocompact has included the ceiling hook in the AeroTool planning software. The company offers a 25-year warranty.

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