“Advice on what to give and, above all, what not to give”

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Pablo Sánchez, who leads the project “The impact on healthin Lebanon, went viral on twitter after a thread where he gave some “Advice on what to give and, above all, what not to give”.

Pablo, who works face-to-face with the people the donated clothes come to, can provide first-hand insight and knowledge of the world of donated used clothes.

The thread is highly recommended to all, where we will find advice of all kinds.

Do you have spare clothes and would like to donate them? Do you want to do something for others? Tremendous. But first, I’ll give you some advice on what to give and, more importantly, what not to give.

I work with refugees. I’ve spent months cataloging clothes and I want to tell you something:

A very simple trick to identify if something can be donated is to ask yourself: would I wear this? Not ironically, of course. The amount of shit that is given away is incredible because, in short, it goes to the poor and if they are cold, a garment is a garment.

People need, above all, to be respected. In all its forms. If you don’t dress your child as a clown in winter but give it to other children, it is quite possible that the clown is not the one wearing the clothes. You also need to think about who the clothes are given to. We are talking here about the Muslim population.

What less take into account their beliefs not to offer them a Santa Claus jacket, come on. And we’re not talking about quality anymore. It was dirty and we were getting rid of his age, which brings me to my next point: Giving doesn’t mean taking out the trash, motherfucker.

The right to dress appropriately is widely recognized. It is understood that if you make a donation it is because you want to do something good for someone and your personal benefit remains behind. Now it’s not all about the quality of the clothes, but also about their condition.

Giving clothes with traces of poop and pee is bad people to say the least, so please wash them. “Well, something is something” NO. This is an important subject that I want to talk about because more and more people who do not know what to do with their garbage decide to give it to families who have less of it as if they would accept anything.

Dirty pants and a torn shirt are worth no more than a person’s dignity. Please empathize. Let’s put ourselves in his place.

I leave you with other photos with more “clothes” given: edgy, torn, dirty… This thread seems obvious as many of you say, but it is not. Not for everybody. If the most vulnerable people need anything, it’s a little more quality in their lives.

Pablo Sanchez,The impact on health

If you don’t know what to do with the clothes you no longer wear, we give you some ideas in this article.

More information: thehealthimpact.org

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