Advantages and disadvantages of pellet heating

We already know them, we have discussed their applications and the advantages of changing our mentality towards a much more sustainable plan. Solar energy, wind, heating, water consumption savings and endless actions to get out of polluting habits and fuels.

pellet heating

Today we are going to focus on pellets, those special little cylinders whose mission is to provide us with much cleaner energy. A heating system whose raw material is pellets means savings and durability. Corn, Do you know all its pros and cons?


Pellet heating, a sustainable revolution

If we look back a few years, the concept of renewable energy barely existed, that is, it was not applied either. However, The pellet we all know, that small amount of energy compressed and classified as biomass solidhas a much broader origin and history than you might imagine.

He has been with us for almost 100 years, specifically since the stock market crash in the United States in 1929. And that is, the great inventions and advances of society are sometimes born of the most absolute necessity find different ways to survive.

Pellet heating has evolved over the decades and today it is considered a sustainable way to produce this the thermal energy that we enjoy so much when we come home. Water warms us and provides a pleasant temperature inside when winter arrives.

This ability to adapt to our rhythm of life and our daily needs has enabled renewable energy to successfully enter many homesallowing its sustainable technology to replace older, more traditional and polluting systems.

pellet heating

Discover its advantages

Unlike other fuels, the pellet is made with leftovers from the wood industry, in particular with sawdustmain element and binder with which these small cylinders are then formed.

The fact that it does not require any other additional materials or chemicals in its production assures us that we are faced with a fully sustainable source and natural. The environment will not be degraded and we will not contribute to increasing the level of pollution from which we already suffer in many regions.

If you wonder how a pellet stove works, let sustainable technology take hold and surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency. We are talking about an automated and really sophisticated mechanism where the pellet falls into the boiler, providing a steady stream of matter that is converted into the energy you need. As simple as that!

Powers heating systemswhile it is also used in specialist boilers to allow the water we consume to be heated and enjoyed.

Unlike fossil fuels, pellets come from wood, one of the most abundant renewable natural resources on the planet. And this condition provides this source of energy emit minimal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissionsso it pollutes a lot less.

Its abundance in the environment makes its price is much lower if compared to natural gas, electricity or diesel. Although it should be remembered that, thanks to its growing popularity, its cost has increased slightly since its production is always lower than the demand.

And to top it all, pellet heating generates local jobsbecause its production allows the industry that produces this material, as well as its subsequent commercialization, to thrive in areas where its consumption is increasing.

pellet boiler how does it work

And what are its drawbacks?

Now that we know some of its most significant benefitsWhat do you think if we move on to the part where you have to be more careful? The disadvantages that exist when using pellet heating are few, but you should know them before taking the first step.

The cost of setting up the system in your home It can be superior to other conventional systems, although this data varies depending on the model and the technology we buy. However, this expense must be considered an investmentbecause in the medium/long term, it will be extremely profitable.

The same installation required by pellet boilers is much more careful and demanding than the others. We will have to place them in a large space with smoke outletalso choosing a suitable place where store fuel, that is to say our bags of pellets. It is common to see how this mistake causes more than one bag to end up spoiled.

And finally, another aspect which is must take into account is maintenance. While an electrical installation hardly requires our attention, systems such as solar or pellet heating require more attention. Although with the advancement of technology we are already finding automatic models capable of helping us in this task.


the disadvantages of pellet heating

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