Adoption of the waste law: how will it affect businesses?

On March 31, the new law on waste and contaminated soil was approved, its official publication at the BOE is therefore imminent. In addition to beginning its mandatory application in many industries and services.

waste law

With this new standard, it is expected promote the low-carbon and circular economyone who dispenses plastic and its packaging single-use, with alternatives such as This site. And, although we still have a long way to go, there is no doubt that this is very good news.

And since we won a small victory, Why not talk about the effects that its implementation will have on businesses? Today we have a small victory to celebrate, but we also need to understand what this law entails and what its effects are.


Plastic, public enemy number one

With the new waste law the company enters into a plan already outlined in 2019 by the European Commissionwhere a guideline focusing on the disposal of single-use plastic items was published.

This European initiative envisaged and established a duration of 2 years maximum where each of the member countries had to carry out the the creation of laws that would achieve this goal. Although Spain was punished for not arriving on time, it’s never too late if happiness feels good.

The new law will directly affect producers, managers and even end consumers of plastic items. In other words, this regulation aims to influence each of the phases where plastic is present, including us.

It is unfortunate to see how every year plastic further degrades the environment, leaving many parts of the planet, including the oceans, in a deplorable state. In addition, plastic is considered one of the main threats to many animal species.

Biodegradable packaging

What will change with the new waste law?

Once implemented, the new waste law will require removal of all single-use plastic productsthat is, all the containers that we currently buy and throw away as soon as they cease to be useful.

The objective is clear; faced with a situation in which the environment is deteriorating more and more, solutions must be taken which make it possible to regulate, control and even eradicate the elements that directly affect this effect.

We are a consumer society we buy products, use them and quickly throw away any container or container that we do not deem useful. Plastic is the common element of this destructive trend, so a law like this will help change the trend.

Although it is clear that to achieve this we must act directly on consciencesit doesn’t hurt to have legal tools that help us prevent this type of packaging from continuing to be used the most.

In this way, many companies will have to look for alternatives to package and serve their products. Degradable and eco-friendly packaging that, if it ends up in the trash, can be recycled thanks to much more economical and efficient processes.

compostable containers

Biodegradable containers to take care of the environment

The new law penalizes in the form of taxes to all businesses and consumers who continue to use single-use plastic packaging, increase the cost of the product or service by adding additional fees.

This European initiative allows a direct impact on the pocket, both of the customer and of the company itself, since in this way the rising cost of their services will force the majority to look for more sustainable alternatives.

Using economy and modifying it to make these harmful materials more expensive has become a powerfully effective tool capable of acting directly on societywhich will soon change its habits in the face of a probable rise in prices.

For companies, those who are committed to the environment and who do not want to lose their flow of sales, will take alternatives such as biodegradable packagingsince plastic cutlery, glasses and plates are prohibited with this new regulation.


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