A young Lebanese builds a wind turbine with recycled materials to generate electricity for his house

In Lebanon, a clever young man has managed to develop a wind turbine that generates electricity for his home from recycled materials, giving a second use to normally discarded objects.

In windy Akkar, 25-year-old Muhammad al-Sabsabi built his own wind turbine using YouTube videos and books.

Last year, Muhammad al-Sabsabi already experimented with a wind turbine. He installed a prototype on the balcony of his grandmother’s house in Bebnine, a town in Akkar province. This village is located in a remote region of northern Lebanon, known to be one of the windiest regions in the country. Despite this, the local energy infrastructure is insufficient to cover the needs of the population, which leads its inhabitants to seek more and more renewable energy sources.

A self-taught enthusiast Muhammad is not exactly a renewable energy expert. He studied French literature with the intention of becoming a teacher, but dropped out of university without a degree in 2021 due to the economic crisis in Lebanon. It was then that he developed an interest in technology, particularly renewable energy. Our source informs us that he managed to build his own wind turbine, which works perfectly and produces electricity. To achieve this, the young inventor relied on scientific documents and YouTube tutorials.

The wind turbine for a Muhammad homemade generator consists of barrels attached to steel beams, welded to a wagon wheel. The assembly is fixed on a metal beam. For its proper functioning, Muhammad’s generator is located on the roof of his house in Bebnine. According to the young handyman, he can supply energy to an entire house without depending on the local electricity grid.

Free and unlimited electricity. Most residents of Bebnine use solar panels as a backup in the event of a power outage. According to local statistics, each household experiences an average of two hours of blackout per day. Muhammad al-Sabsabi hopes his low-cost, locally-made wind turbine will become an alternative solution to power outages.

I don’t know how long it will take, but I’m optimistic“. According to him, the Lebanese do not have to rely on China or local suppliers for unlimited access to electricity.

You can find more information about your Mohamad Sabsabi (@mohamadsabsabi97) • Instagram photos and videos.

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