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A sustainable summer with children. Trying to live a sustainable life with young children is near impossible on many occasions. When people see me trying on my girls, they usually put their hands on their heads. Because? So that? and How is it possible?, are the questions that come up the most and that I try to answer.


A sustainable summer with the children

As to why and why, I think it’s obvious: the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow and it is important that they have a strong and educated environmental conscience and for that andIt is essential that children grow up understanding the importance of the environment and with sustainable habits in their daily lives. At first it may seem difficult, but when we start the path we realize that the little ones are like sponges and absorb knowledge and adapt easily.

And on how it’s possible today, I want to share with you some tips for living a sustainable summer with children.

Summer is the perfect time for the little ones in the house, At the end of the lesson they have the whole day to dedicate and learn other things such as good habits or start to awaken the virus of a hobby, which is why I consider summer to be a great opportunity to begin this journey for a sustainable family life.

Here are some ideas to start a lasting summer with the kids, pick any or all of them, depending on your preference, but don’t forget the most important of all… Bon voyage!

How to move in the summer with children

1. Choose the most efficient way to reach your destination

Prioritize the use of public transport For example, for long distances, the most sustainable means is the train, which has a carbon footprint four times lower than that of a car per person.

2. Getting around the city

Now that the weather is nice, opt for the bike or go for a walk and when this is not possible, opt for the metro, the commuter trains or the bus rather than the car. There are cities where public transport includes other means like the tram, the ferry, the cable car… take advantage of it if you go to a city that allows it, the children will love it!

Ideas for summer plans with children

1. Create your own urban garden

Do you have a small balcony or even a sunny window? You can have a small vegetable garden! You can spend many entertaining hours as you research which species are suitable for the climate, time of year, care, what is needed… Until you go to the plant nursery, create the garden… And finally take care of it every day and, the best, reap the fruits of the effort!

With this activity we will help the little ones understand where fruits and vegetables come from and what is the process to obtain them.

2. Learn to separate into containers

This is another activity that we can do at home that will help us establish the habit of sorting garbage at home. If you still don’t have the different bins to sort, you can discover them, know the colors of each one, find a place for them and get them. Once you have them in your home, research information on what to drop into each one.

To make it easier for children, you can make a simulation gamein which they must choose the container for different types of waste, such as: a banana peel, dust from the sweeping of the house, a can, a piece of written paper, a glass bottle, a broken toy, a plastic container plastic…

sustainable summer with children

3. Recycling crafts

You can have a really fun time looking for materials to transform and reuse through crafting, this way they’ll learn that throwing away what’s already used isn’t the only option.

4. Go to the botanical garden in your city or the place you are visiting

In many of them they organize activities for children focused on knowledge of biodiversity, learning about the world of plants and, in general, the promotion of knowledge, care and conservation of nature.

5. Visit or volunteer at an animal shelter

If you want to instill a love and respect for animals in your little ones, there is no better way than to visit an animal sanctuary and, if possible, collaborate. For example, the Rainfer Primate Rescue Center in Madrid, where they are dedicated to the rehabilitation and rest of primates who have been forced to live a life they did not deserve, which can be visited every weekend and where children are welcome.

6. See animals in their natural habitat

There is no better way to learn about animals than to see them in their environment and that is why it is a very good idea to be able to observe them in their natural environment.

In the Iberian Peninsula we have a rich biodiversity that we can observe, such as the Iberian lynx in the Sierra Morena or the great bustard in the Lagunas de Villafáfila.

Other tips for a sustainable summer with children

1 CTake care of the environment

Wherever you are, especially if it’s natural. Respect ecosystems and leave no litter. Always bring a few bags to store your trash and, since we’re here, any you find on your way.

2. Eavoid the use of single-use plastics

Offer it at home as a game, so the little ones will welcome the changes with more enthusiasm and will be attentive to any changes they can make. For example, get reusable bottles to use on excursions, take your bags with you when shopping, switch to wax paper to wrap snacks, or eat ice cream in a wafer instead of a jar with a spoon. .

3. Always use biodegradable and ecological sunscreen

So in addition to protecting your skin, you will protect the seas. (I tell you more about the environmental impacts of sunscreens HERE)

4. Consume local products and seasonal

Especially when it comes to food, your health and pocket will notice ;).

5. Collect moments, not things

The best memories you can have of a summer are the moments, not the memories, remember that!

Finally, I have the most important tip of all: Don’t get overwhelmed on your way to sustainable living . Remember that this is a long distance race and the important thing is to be aware and to change small things from day to day.

I hope with these ideas you will be encouraged to take the leap to instill in your children a love of nature and a responsibility to take care of the planet, as you can see it’s not that hard and I’m sure you’ll enjoy walking together a lot.

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