A strange bike with a split rear wheel

Ukrainian YouTuber Sergeii Gordieiev, known as “The Q”, rode a bike with two half wheels instead of a single rear wheel. Because?

Gordieev seems to like making weird bikes.: You may have seen previous videos where he replaced the wheels of a bicycle with giant circular saw blades and rolled them on a frozen lake, or created wheels with shoes on sticks, or built a bike without a hub, or replaced the chain drive through a gear bevel, or built shock absorbers into the spokes of the wheels to get a truly unique suspension, or made their own airless tires out of PVC pipe…

The list goes on, and today we’re talking about their latest design, splitting the rear wheel into two halves and running one half behind the other, adding an extra rear triangle that extends from the rear of the bike. It doesn’t take a small amount of effort, but Gordieev has built a successful business out of that effort and is talented enough with the tools to make it all work.

To start, he saws a pair of rear wheels almost in half, keeping the hubs intact, then cuts sections of tires to match. Recreate the inner tube using what appears to be PVC pipe and finish by placing plugs on each end. After mounting the disc brake and rear sprocket, he puts the first half wheel back on the bike and prepares to weld the enlarged rear triangle to the rear.

From there, it’s all about keeping the wheels in sync to ensure that one half wheel always touches the ground when the other is lifted. It does this with a second chain that goes between the two rear wheels, then tightens it all up with the two wheels locked in opposite orientations throughout the spin.

And There you go : a machine that looks absolutely absurdit’s all in the name of weirdness, and in that metric the Q has outdone itself.

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