A Portuguese company invents a water drainage device for solar panels that increases its production

This invention avoids the accumulation of dust and sand, adapts to different types of modules, with thicknesses between 28 mm and 40 mm.

The Portuguese company Solarud has designed a device to drain water in solar panels mounted with reduced inclinations. This device also prevents blockages caused by dust and sand, and adapts to multiple types of modules, with thicknesses ranging from 28 mm to 40 mm.

Solarud has designed a solution for the accumulation of dirt in the lower cells of solar panels.

After the first version, Solarud, with the help of its customers, improved the original product. The new design has an anti-clogging system, greater adaptability to different frame heights, greater resistance and greater reliability. Additionally, they have created a version called Solarud Nano to be applied when the solar panels are very close to each other (up to 10mm).


Dirt on the photovoltaic panels.

Throughout their useful life, photovoltaic systems face one of the biggest problems: the accumulation of dirt, especially in installations located on roofs, especially where there is a risk of cleaning. While regular cleaning is essential, Solarud seeks to improve energy production between cleaning cycles, reducing the negative impact of dirt on panel production and life.

There are several types of soil patterns that Solarud helps prevent. The positive effect of the drainage device is even greater when the solar panels are in a vertical position.

Increased efficiency.

A study carried out by the company itself shows an average improvement in energy production of 3.5% after 6 months.

Installing the device is quick and easy, as all you have to do is bend the fins to the desired size and attach them to the solar module after cleaning. This device is very effective in photovoltaic installations with inclinations of up to 15º and in horizontal axis tracking systems. In addition, their solution is effective in humid, rainy or condensing climates, especially at sunrise and sunset times.

More information: www.solarud.eu

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