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A plastic-free snack. Do you remember what your snack tasted like at recess? I had a cloth bag in which I carried a sandwich, sometimes a piece of fruit, and I drank water directly from the fountain… I have never carried juices in tetrabriks with a straw, wrapped pastries or plastic bottles… Something tells me things aren’t like that anymore…

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 throw away about 30 kilograms of garbage from their lunch or snack every year. – National Geographic

I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not so much the case when we do the math. Let’s say for example that a child carries each day: a tetrabrik juice + a package of wrapped biscuits + a bottle of water… The 2022-2023 school year has 176 school days. We do a multiplication, an addition and the final number is 528 packages per year. Only at recess snack time! How to avoid all this plastic waste? The answer is very simple: use reusable containers and refillable bottles. In today’s article, we’re going to share plastic-free alternatives for a plastic-free snack in recess.


A plastic-free snack

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Recess is a time to play but also a good time to have a snack and regain strength until lunchtime. Children learn from what they see. Introducing healthy habits into their lives can make a difference in the decisions they make in the future. We will not address the issue of nutrition. On this subject, we dare not say that local and seasonal products are always better and that processed products are not recommended. We leave you the advice of Apothecary García – 10 Tips for preparing a healthy snack for recess.

Today we want to talk about everything that surrounds the snack of recreation. The amount of waste generated: boxes with straws, packaging, aluminum foil, film, plastic bottles, bags, etc.

Luckily, you can already find plenty of reusable alternatives for packing snacks or carrying water. This start of the school year is a great opportunity to introduce new habits, to start more than just a new course. Here are our recommendations for a plastic-free snack:

Reusable bottles for children

When choosing a reusable bottle or a water bottle for children, we recommend stainless steel as the best material. Stainless steel bottles are very resistant, light and do not alter the taste or flavor of liquids. You can choose a thermos so that the water is always fresh. Adapt the size of the bottle to the age of the child, you will find bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 1L. These are perfect for teenagers who do a lot of sports.

If you still do not know which material to choose for your child’s bottle, we recommend this post in which we briefly analyze the possibilities: Reusable bottles, which is the best option? Plastic, glass, aluminum or stainless steel…

For the little ones, we recommend adding a cap or a lid to the bottle which allows them to drink more easily and thus avoid possible water spills. Sport lid compatible with all 24Bottles bottles and thermoses.

The Noodoll reusable bottles with sports cap have been designed for the little ones in the house. A new range of reusable urban bottles, extra light, in stainless steel, lacquered in very cheerful colors: yellow, blue, pink.

Advice. In order for children to take responsibility for the bottle, take care of it and not lose it, it is best to personalize it. It can be a fun activity, an afternoon of DIY. The bottle can be painted with permanent pens or decorated with stickers.

Buy a stainless steel bottle

reusable packaging

Wrapping the sandwich in aluminum foil or plastic wrap is not a good option. To wrap sandwiches or sandwiches, we recommend Better without Plastic! reusable wrappers. You have many options to choose from:

  • Beeswax or vegetable wax packaging. The ecological and zero waste alternative to transparent plastic film and aluminum foil. Packaging that adapts to the food you are packaging. It is self-adhesive, so use the pressure and heat of your hands to shape it and mold it around the food you want to wrap: a sandwich, a piece of cake, an apple cut into pieces… To reuse it just hand wash with cold water and soap. If it’s not stained, save it and reuse it. In this article, we explain in detail how to use and reuse wrappers.
  • Eco-friendly snack and sandwich holder. ANDspecially designed to transport food in a simple way. The sandwich holder has an easy closure adjustable to any type of food and can also be used as a tablecloth… The snack holder is a fabric bag with a Velcro closure, perfect for the little ones in the house. Both are very practical and light. After use, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. You can also put it in the washing machine (we recommend cold water).
  • Stasher Bag silicone bags. The ecological and sustainable alternative to zipped plastic bags. Silicone bags are reusable, durable and very easy to clean (you can put them in the dishwasher). Available in different sizes, for sandwiches, snacks or for a very large sandwich.

Advice. For him to go home with the wax packaging, it is best to prepare the snack together for recess: show him how to wrap it and explain to him that he must bring it back to reuse it. If you opt for the sandwich holder, it is better to let the boy or the girl of the house choose the model, let them feel that it is theirs 🙂

Lunch or snack bags

Any reusable bag can be used to carry the snack, they are the perfect size to carry fruit, a sandwich or toys! You can also take advantage of fabric scraps and make one at home, with the help of the little ones 😉

Lunch box, tupper or food carrier

Reusable lunch box. Perfect for carrying a snack: chopped fruit, strawberries, carrots… You can also choose a larger format to put the sandwich and some nuts. Like the stainless steel bottle, we recommend personalizing it to make sure you always take it home.

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