A plan that could wipe out the uncontacted tribes

FUNAI, the Department of Indigenous Affairs of the Government of Brazil, has just renewed for another six months the ordinance that protects its territory. This is the second time that we have managed to have it renewed since last September!

Territorial Protection Orders (OPT) are an essential measure for isolated indigenous peoples in Brazil. They are adopted on an emergency basis and serve to protect the territories of isolated indigenous peoples who have not yet gone through the long process of official demarcation.

The validity of the orders should last until the said demarcation is completed. However, FUNAI renewed the OPT for Piripkura territory in September for only six months, and again a few days ago for another six months.

Although this double renewal was possible thanks to the immense public mobilization that put pressure on the government of Brazil, the truth is that six months pass quickly…

This delay is insufficient to complete the official process of demarcation of the territory of Piripkura.

The Piripkuras need us to continue to press for the OPT to renew their territory and for their lands to be permanently protected; otherwise, in 6 months their forests could be destroyed and they could be wiped out.



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