A parking stopper which is a wireless charger for electric cars

The convenience of wirelessly charging your electric car when it is parked: this is the proposed vision of the Watt concept.

We can charge mobile devices wirelessly, and soon it will also be common to power our electric car wirelessly. In fact, automakers such as BMW are already working on this technology with prototype testing underway.

Currently, EV owners have to manually plug in the charging port to recharge the battery, regardless of the weather outside. In addition, additional infrastructure is required in car parks or other places where these charging stations for electric vehicles are installed. That’s why it’s a good idea for electric vehicles to be able to charge wirelessly when parked.

Watt is an EV wireless charging parking bumper for parking spaces, eliminating the need to install separate charging station infrastructure in cities and highways.


Watt (Wireless Advanced Transport Charging Tile)

EV charger and car stop all in one, providing the convenience of uninterrupted charging.

The designers want to eliminate another problem with electric vehicles that sometimes causes problems for users, namely battery drain when the vehicle is parked in colder regions or under other specific circumstances. This happens because lithium-ion batteries, like those in our smartphones, drain quickly in cold weather.

In line with this original idea, the product offered is accompanied by an application allowing the charging cycle to be started as soon as the vehicle is parked in the garage.

Current charge levels, time to full charge, and other metrics can be tracked on the phone while grocery shopping.

The user only has to register for Watt’s services once, and everything after that is quite simple.

Things like charging history, location of nearby Watt-enabled charging points, and payment methods can be viewed in the app.

Watt is a practical and space-saving solution for the future dominated by electric vehicles, in which we will have to face the problem of having enough charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, the problem of infrastructure construction requires sufficient space to accommodate vehicles in line for loading.

Designers: Cheolhee Lee, Na Gyeong Lee, Junsik Oh, Kyoung-Seo.

Via yankodesign.com

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