A new way to dispose of used cooking oil: solidify it

A new product solidifies cooking oil so it can be easily removed without contaminating the water. oil it’s very polluting once we used it.


Effects that oil can cause.

You may be surprised to learn that oil is a polluting product. After all, it’s something you use in food. The normal thing would be to think that it is a natural product that does not cause any harm.

In reality It is a natural product that you can consume. But we all know that water doesn’t mix with oil. When you throw it down the drain and it reaches the seas and rivers, it stays on the surface.

So, water does not oxygenate correctly and this unfortunately affects the aquatic fauna and flora. Causing his lens death.

But that’s not all. In the same way when we are on the surface of the water the rays of the sun cannot pass. Aquatic plants do not carry out photosynthesis.

If the oil falls on the ground, it eventually turns it into barren soil. Prevents oxygenation and water circulation, so that no type of plant can grow there. Also, the oil becomes a sticky substance that can clog your drains.


FryAway is a plant-based powder that turns liquid oil into a solid that can be easily discarded. The company’s founder, Laura Lady, previously worked in marketing and product development for children’s toys. He had heard of a similar product in Spain and decided to develop his own solution. Lady studied ways to solidify oil and proposed hydrogenation.

In commercial hydrogenation, fats, such as vegetable oils, which are liquid at room temperature, are combined with hydrogen, usually at temperatures around 60 ºC and in the presence of a catalyst, such as nickel.

This is how saturated fats, like margarine, which are solid at room temperature, are made. However, FryAway uses a plant-based hydrogenated fatty acid. Users simply mix the FryAway powder into the used cooking oil while it is hot, and a reaction occurs that solidifies the oil.

FryAway not only makes it easy to dispose of used cooking oil, but also to clean pots and pans used for frying.

Once the mixture has cooled to room temperature, you begin to see this transformation from a liquid to a gel-like form into a hard, waxy substance that can then be discarded. As it solidifies, it will also trap any dirt and debris left over from frying, so it will all come out of the pan all at once.

Mrs Laura.

Once the solid oil is obtained, it can be discarded or stored for recycling. It does not alter the properties of the oil and the resulting residue is a valuable resource for obtaining biodiesel.

FryAway is a great example of a product that claims to make life easier (or at least kitchen clean) while reducing pollution. It joins innovations in kitchen waste disposal like SOUJI, which turns your used cooking oil into liquid detergent.

More information: Fryaway.co

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