A new type of ultraviolet light, safe for humans, took less than 5 minutes to reduce the level of microbes in indoor air by more than 98%

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A new type of human-safe ultraviolet light took less than five minutes to reduce the level of microbes in indoor air by more than 98%, according to a joint study by scientists from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and the UK. Although the germs were still scattered around the room, the level remained very low as long as the lights were on.

The study suggests that far-ultraviolet light from ceiling-mounted lamps could be a highly effective passive technology for reducing human-to-human transmission of airborne diseases, such as COVID and influenza, in enclosed spaces, and reducing the risk of the next pandemic.

Far UVC rapidly reduces the number of active microbes in indoor air to nearly zero, making indoor air essentially as safe as outdoor air. Using this technology in places where people congregate indoors could prevent the next potential pandemic.

David Brenner, Columbia University – study co-author.

The study was published March 23 in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

Far UV light is easy to install, inexpensive, does not require people to change their behavior, and evidence from multiple studies suggests it may be a safe way to prevent the transmission of any virus, including the COVID virus and its variants. such as the flu and also any possible future pandemic virus.

David Brenner

More information: columbia.edu (English text).

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