A French engineer invents a fan heater to heat (with hydrogen) without polluting

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The engineer Henri Bécu invented an aerotherm (hot air generator) which works by burning hydrogen. All this without emitting the slightest pollutant.

How to produce heat without polluting?

It’s a question engineers around the world are asking themselves right now, as global warming and pollution become a global problem.

This invention was designed by Henri Bécu, an engineer who has been working for more than 20 years on a hot air generator powered by hydrogen combustion. After years of testing, it announces that its air heater does not produce any type of pollutant, which is a world first.

Henri Bécu is a 66-year-old engineer who has installed test benches in his garden for his invention, which he has been working on since the early 2000s.

It measures the levels of nitrogen dioxide and oxide that could potentially leak from your device. Although it took him 20 years of work, he “only” spent the last four years actually developing it.

My aerothermal system produces heat by burning hydrogen (preferably “green” hydrogen) but without emitting pollutants”, and it demonstrates this with its “Hy-Calor” burner.

Henri Becu

How it works?

The famous Hy-Heat It is made with nanomaterials, which allows the use of a low hydrogen mixer.

Thanks to the burner, the combustion temperature of hydrogen is reduced from more than 1,400°C in the case of hydrogen boilers, to only 200°C to obtain the same result.

The engineer explains that the combustion of hydrogen can emit pollutants if it is done at 1,400 ºC, but not at 200 ºC. He also explains that its burner does not need a chimney, does not pollute and has 100% performance.

The air passing through the burner is therefore hot and also heats the surrounding air. The aerothermal system sends the air towards the room to be heated.

Henri Bécu intends to use his invention to heating industrial buildings or logistics warehouses. It could also be integrated into an industrial process producing steam. Hydrogen is already widely used in industry, so for the inventor, who firmly believes in the potential of his project, it will not be difficult to implement it and give it a new use. Even before the price of propane increased, the device was also economically interesting, says the inventor.

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Henri Bécu speaks of his invention as a weapon in the fight against global warming. Heating without polluting is a major challenge for the future of the planet.

The burner patent has been filed with the INPI and is in the process of being certified. It will be partly financed by the Banque Publique d’Investissement, which has also awarded it the Deep Tech label.

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