9 Incredible Houses Built On Cliffs You Can’t Imagine

In architecture, as in many other fields, human beings have proven to be truly creative and surpass themselves in each of the challenges they are exposed to, so in this article we will show you 9 houses built on cliffs that will remove more than one hiccup.

houses on the cliffs

And it is that these constructions are not made for everyone, indeed if you have vertigo you surely do not want to know anything about these houses, but you would surely like to admire these architectural works or who knows, maybe you get an idea of ​​houses built on cliffs so you can build your house in the future.

A world tour of the best works on cliffs by the sea or on top of a mountain to enjoy incredible views.

Houses built on cliffs are not only a challenge to build, because in many cases they are in the middle of untouched nature, so architects have to deal with the technical challenge not building on a regular site, rather they also need to cover and look for a environmentally friendly building and with the environment. We bring you a sample of the best builds collected in the book live on the edge.


1.- A refuge in the marvelous Alps

houses on the cliffs of the Alps

Being able to enjoy a refuge in the Alps to be able to admire all its views is not within everyone’s reach, this refuge is in the middle of the mountain blending into the environment. It’s in Slovenia and it’s a prefab building and climbed to the top with a helicopter. is a passive house designed by OFIS Architects with students from Harvard Graduate School.

2.- Cabin in the mountains of Italy

houses built on cliffs italy

Something to emphasize in these houses built on cliffs is that they seek at all times not to be intrusive in the environment in which they are located, this modern refuge built in the valley of Vertosan is perfect for all lovers of the mountain, a functional and flexible construction.

3.- House On the Cliff A Front Line

houses on the cliffs

This building is one of our favorites and although it’s really only a prototype at the moment and hasn’t really been built it would have amazing views, not suitable for people with vertigo , this building would have 5 floors, all with incredible sea views. This prototype called cliff house.

4.- House on the Icelandic coast

houses built into cliffs in iceland

Alex Hogrefe He is the architect of this impressive design and prototype designed to be built on the Icelandic coast in the middle of the cliffs of this beautiful island, it fits perfectly into the space. The views must be incredible in this house built on a cliff.

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5.- Views of Alt Ampurdán in Spain

houses built on cliffs in spain

This house built on cliffs is located in Spain, in the mountains of Port de la Selva in Girona, brutalist style and designed by the architects Maria Castello and Jose Antonio Molin is built with pure concrete to make it correspond to the characteristics of the place and have the minimum possible maintenance.

6.- House in Valle de Calamuchita in Argentina

houses on the cliffs in Argentina

This house built in Argentina specifically with views of the Calamuchita Valley, is built in concrete with two floors in the lower part are the bedrooms and a swimming pool and in the cantilevered upper part are the common areas and the living room. living room, designed and built by Alarcia Ferrer Architects.

7.- Houses on the cliffs in India

cliff house in india

This impressive building built facing the lake Durgam Cheruvu in India, it is designed by Collective project and they are a series of stacked cubes with large windows creating spacious and unique spaces. It is a steel structure covered with granite to blend in with the environment.

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8.- Beauty In The Hills Of Chile

Chile Cliff House

On one of the most irregular terrains of the mountain of Cunco Chile, this house with a modern design and unusual geometric shapes was built, where its flat roof cantilevered over the mountain stands out. These houses built on cliffs are the work of Triangular Arquitectos.

9.- On the Aegean cliffs

houses built on the cliffs

Designed by the workshop OOAK Architects Facing the Aegean Sea, built on cliffs, it fits perfectly into the environment, both in terms of the colors and the materials used. court house It is located in Karpathos, Greece.

We hope you enjoyed these cliffside homes that we wanted to share with you. Which of these cliffside houses would you like to live in? leave us in comments your best option.


houses on the cliffs of the world

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