7 Tips for greener cleaning in your home

Tips for greener cleaning in your home

make a healthy cleaning at home is not easy, because the cleaning products we use daily are powerful and harmful, not only for the environment, but also for our health.

Although these items seem necessary to perform a healthy cleaning at home, there are currently several natural and very economical options that offer better results, in addition to not harming your body or the environment.

If you are looking for healthy cleaning ideas that do not affect your immune system, in this article we will talk about several super green options that will help you clean and disinfect your home or any place you want, without exposing yourself to substances that can harm your life. So pay attention and take note of these simple green cleaning tips.


Eco tips for cleaning the house.

Instead of throwing away, recycle.

Generally, when we do a healthy cleaning at home, we tend to throw away things that are not necessary, or that we really do not need. Before throwing away this glass jar, for example, it is necessary to know if it is possible reuse it to store sugar, salt or any other element. It will also help you save money.

Water is life, don’t waste it.

Most people have a habit that when bathing, they let the water run while the hot water comes out. It’s time to be conscious and to be greener, to learn to save those gallons of water which are wasted. How? Take the water that is wasted, pour it into a container and use it for other purposes.

Do not overuse detergent.

Every day the quality of detergents is improving, so most people sometimes overuse them and exceed the quantity to get a better result. The best trick is use the exact amount in each case. This way you will start saving money while taking care of the environment.

Focus on natural products.

We must take into account that cleaning products and personal items such as perfumes, body creams, pesticides, disinfectants are the origin of the elements present in the environment and very dangerous when they are present. breathe. It is convenient to use ecological cleaning products for cleaning the house, eliminating those that contain chemicals that alter their preservatives.

Say no to chemicals.

There are cleaning products made with chemicals that generally affect our health, one of them is chlorine, bleach. It’s time to skip those chemicals, and start using homemade products like white vinegar, which in addition to serving as a cooking ingredient, is used to disinfect, degrease and remove all kinds of rust. Being non-toxic, it will not cause any harm to your body or the environment.

Do not abuse the air conditioning.

In cold weather, even if your room is freezing, avoid keeping the air conditioner all day. Try that before turning on the air to cool the room, it is better to close the windows and if you have blinds, to lower them also during the hottest hours.

In in winter and at night, we advise you to lower the temperature so your room stays cooler longer.

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