7 keys to choosing a natural dog food

There’s no doubt that man’s best friend should always have the best ingredients in their diet. However, many of the major dog food producers they don’t provide the minimum quality in their menus what our dogs need.

dog food

are used chemical processes, plant-based and ultra-processed proteins. Some of them, unfit for human consumptionwhich means that many times dogs will have scraps and scraps on the menu beaks and legs.

today you will see in what is natural food and what keys you need to keep in mind as you transition to this booming, healthier way of eating. Products like Naku Vida, with ingredients like free-range chicken, nutrients, and all kinds of health benefits. Sounds good, right? Well, it tastes much better.


Natural food and its success

Natural food has become one of the most interesting options to try to provide them with a a healthy diet adapted to their characteristics. Dogs are carnivorous animals and although they live with us and are part of our lives in almost every way, they cannot eat anything.

It is true that there are pet food brands that offer quality food, where they avoid ultra-processed foods as much as possible and use only natural ingredients. They are benchmarks in their sector and enjoy a good reputation.

However, the texture of these foods is completely different from natural meat and boneswhich prevents dogs from keeping their mouths in good condition thanks to the tearing action when biting.

Natural feeding puts an end to all this problem with the stroke of a pen, i.e. knowing what dogs can eat, more and more people are even venturing to learn how to make their own natural food for dogs

dog food

How to choose the best natural food for your dog

The keys you are about to learn are simple yet devastatingly effective. We are talking about small doses of information in the form of advice to guide you in your first steps towards this new form of natural nutrition which is so beneficial to them.

  1. Food is not the only option. We are used to opening the big bags of food, pouring them into their feeder and not worrying about their food. Now, it has been shown that the diet must already be good to be recommended. Natural food knocks it down every year.
  2. Delete the word “ultra-processed”. These are foods that have been chemically treated with products and processes that reduce the bioavailability of the nutrients they contain. They are not recommended for humans or your dogs.
  3. Watch out for home-cooked meals. All dogs do not eat the same thing and do not have the same nutritional needs. There are ingredients that are forbidden to eat, as well as products that you cannot cook and claim that they will provide some kind of benefit to your body.
  4. Consultation with professionals. Do you remember going to your doctor for advice when in doubt? With your dogs, you can do the same. Before trusting a particular health food manufacturer or embarking on cooking the ingredients yourself, seek the advice of a good veterinarian.
  5. Fresh ingredients. When choosing your natural food, make sure that the ingredients in your dog’s menu are perfectly fresh, without preservatives or colorings.
  6. dehydration. Bet on properly dehydrated products, on natural techniques to eliminate water from food while allowing it to be kept longer. Its properties are not altered and the dog can enjoy his meal without losing a single nutrient.
  7. Variety of foods. Why rely only on a diet based on chicken? Would you eat fried eggs every day? Natural food allows you to play and combine dishes with chicken, beef, vegetables, fruits and a long etc.

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Now you have an idea of ​​the benefits of natural dog foodkeys that you must take into account to choose the best product and everything you need to convince yourself that food has been left out with this new form of healthy and much more natural food.

And remember, a food in the form of little pills made from chicken and processed derivatives is not the same as preparing a dish with free-range chicken and a portion of dehydrated vegetables.


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