7 farm animals to raise when you’re just starting out

What is the best animal for taking their first steps Your favorite animals require a lot of care? And the attention they deserve, do you have them under control? Starting to raise farm animals requires a small knowledge base to take the first steps. We’re not going to scare you, but motivate you to achieve it.

raising animals on the farm

A few lines later you will discover the reasons why these 7 farm animals will be the best option to familiarize yourself with their careso you can choose the ones you like the most and enjoy them as much as they want with you.

Now well, You should know that we are talking about animals, beings that require care and attention that you will have to guarantee. We encourage animal care as long as we do so in a way that is completely respectful and beneficial to them.


Peking duck, the best friend after the hen

Although you may not know the peking duck is an animal that, in addition to being really beautiful and fun to take care of, in addition to meat, provides eggs. And you have no idea how tasty they can be.

It will suffice adapt a small enclosure, separated from the rest of the animals such as dogs and falconssince we are talking about beautiful but slow-moving birds, therefore, they become easy prey for other animals.

Peking duck

On the other hand, if the small shed has a small pool of water where they can swim and have funyou won’t have to worry about anything else to please them. They eat more than traditional chickensbut they later make up for it by providing fantastic eggs.

Rabbits, funny and a great help for the garden

Although many choose to create a delimited space for them in the garden, rabbits are also very useful to keep the garden clean from weeds, since they will not hesitate to eat them. Now make sure you don’t give them the chance to visit your garden if you don’t want to see them destroy it.

Rabbits are one of the perfect farm animals to take care of, they feed on hay, weeds or grass, so they do not need a special diet. It will suffice to guarantee its supply buy them food at the store.

raise rabbits

If you plan to raise them and taste after your meatyou will also have the chance to enjoy one of the best, since your care and comfort will allow increase its quality and flavor. And if you just want to raise them, remember that their gestation period is one month, generating massive littersso don’t hesitate to reserve a new space for all the mini bunnies that will appear.

Chickens, meat, eggs and natural fertilizer

This list would not be the same if we did not mention one of the quintessential farm animals. Chickens are an excellent food source, providing eggs and meat. in proportion to the quantity you wish to deal with.

They need a pen and space for the hens to lay eggs. Although they may be outside, they won’t be out all day, so you will need to have a small roof and protect them from the weatheras they also do not feel comfortable in damp places.

chickens in the garden

On the other hand, they are an excellent source of fertilizersince its waste will make it possible to create a really interesting mixture so that you can then take care of your plants. They are one of the best options. They eat fertilizers, weeds or any other specialized product store bought.

Goats, ideal for dairy products

If you have room for a slightly larger animal, goats are one of the best options. These farm animals provide meat and milk that are much easier to digest than cows..

The Nigerian pygmy goat is one of the best options in terms of size, since in these cases the dimensions and available space They are usually the main obstacle for which many reject them.

raising goats

However, if you have the chance, count on these goats. You will have a source of natural milk that will have nothing to do with the one you buy at the supermarket. Plus, they eat everything from wood to herbs and vegetables.

Pork, the favorite meat of many

Raising pigs is not a difficult task, although it requires dedication. The pig is often considered one of the dirtiest animals that existhowever, they are really clean and if you keep their space with dirt and in order, you won’t have any problems.

Their litters are voluminous, they will allow you enjoy your meat much longer and in greater quantity. Although the young need care for a year until they can be sacrificed, if they do.

pigs in the orchard

Your food requires a greater economic effort, because they will not be content with a diet of chickens or ducks. In this case, prepare the pocket because they eat everything from corn to milk or bread. An effort that will be more than rewarded later.

Cows, big and mighty

We all loved going to the farm to enjoy them while watching them. Now you may have the opportunity to have some to breed them. Although we have already warned you that it is a really big and demanding animal.

Demanding in terms of space, since will need more than an acre to graze and roam freelyalthough later you will see the results and benefits when you get their milk or taste their meat.

They also require a shed where they can shelter, lots of hay and water, lots of water. They are not aquatic but drink as much in a day as you drink in a week. They are truly striking and special, yet beautiful and wonderful to maintain.

Bees, free and makers of the best honey

In addition to being considered a currently endangered species, mainly through our fault, bees are a great opportunity to start caring for farm animals. Although many do not include them in their lists, you should know their benefits.

They are free, you will not have to buy them because they will come to you as soon as you have small hives in your garden. They also need water, so you will need to prepare a small drinking fountain where they can drink while resting.

raise bees

And the most important, add rocks to the bees’ waterer to prevent their bathroom from becoming a nightmare where they end up drowning. They do not require special care and are able to provide a Dear which will delight your next recipes.

You now have 7 farm animals with which you can start taking your first steps and have fun while taking care of them. Which of them will you stay with? They all provide advantages and benefits that you can check out as soon as you make your decision.


raising farm animals

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