6 uses for eggshells in the garden or vegetable patch

Have you ever thought of using eggshells in the garden? Today we know 6 surprising uses for eggshells in the garden or orchard.

A good way to reduce our waste and give a second life to a product that would end up in landfill if not used.

Before you start, you should always bear in mind that an excess of nutrients can also be harmful to our plants. Excess calcium in our plants can cause plants to have problems assimilating other nutrients.

  1. chicken feed. The first thing you can do with your eggshells is simply throw them at your chickens. They will peck them with the food of our chickens or hens. They are an excellent calcium supplement, natural and inexpensive. Add them finely chopped.
  2. Calcium supply to your garden. Sprinkle eggshell powder around plants that have calcium deficiency issues and hopefully you’ll see the difference. Very useful for roses and tomatoes.
  3. Add them to your compost pile. You can add eggshell powder to your compost pile, it will decompose and help you have better compost for your plants to grow healthy. If you add it to earthworm humus, add the finely chopped husks.
  4. Add to potting soil. You can add eggshell powder to poor potting soil by adding powdered eggshells to it. This will increase its quality and hopefully produce better plants.
  5. eggshell tea, which we can use as fertilizer for the irrigation water of our plants. You can boil 6 eggshells in 2 liters of water.
  6. Control soil acidity. We can add eggshell powder to our substrate as needed.

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