5 ways to reuse soap


How to reuse leftover soap:

I dedicate this entry to my great-grandmother Angela, although she left us a long time ago, she was without a doubt the greenest person I’ve met, and I don’t think she knew the term, but she was from a time when everything was used and if he knew that it was the art to enjoy absolutely everything, including soap.

The panty method

Tights, as we say today, used to be called can-can stockings, or just stockings, they have a thousand uses, they serve many things, what my great-grandmother did was to preferably cut the end so that a little bag remained, and there each time there was some I kept a little soap in the bag, when it was full I tied the upper part and ready for the shower, I already had my soap, it’s spectacular, the feeling is pleasant and the remains of soap on the pantyhose make a lot of foam, a very good option.


make our own soap

It’s a way to recycle old soap, we put all the leftover pieces in a hot pan with a few tablespoons of water and give it until it’s all melted, then we pour the melted soap into a kind of mold and let it cool, ready, we have soap again.


make liquid soap

It’s simple and we’re going to need solid soap residue and a little glycerin, first we grate the pieces of soap, we put a little water to boil, then we melt the soap in this water and we add a little glycerin, if it’s too thick We add water, if it’s too liquid a little more soap and glycerin, when it has the desired consistency, we let it cool and we cup .

Scrub with soap scum

We need soap, flax seeds or oats, water and a vegetable sponge.

In a hot saucepan we put the pieces of soap, again grated, we add very little water and 1/2 tablespoon of flax seeds or oatmeal, when the soap is melted, stir well and pour into a mold, when it cools we have our an exfoliating soap used with a vegetable sponge will leave our skin looking like new.

homemade soaps

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