5 applications to recognize mushrooms with your mobile

A mushroom tag is a must for those who like to go out each fall to look for mushrooms. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it is always important to be accompanied by someone who knows how to recognize each mushroom or fungus for our peace of mind.

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And it is that mushrooms are a delicious delicacy, but we must be careful not to confuse edible with poisonous, so carrying one of these Applications to recognize mushrooms by photos can help us identify and know which ones we can catch and which ones are better left in place.

That yes, always always, when in doubt, you have to get out of the mushroom and not take risks, because the error can be fatal. We leave you with 5 of the most recognized and appreciated for Android and iPhone.

Like applications to find out what plant it is, a mushroom identifier can help us a lot in our outdoor task.



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One of the most downloaded apps on google play is this mushroom id. MushTool offers various utilities for mushroom pickers, both for beginners and for more experienced ones.

– Identify the mushrooms you find with high quality photos and expert commentary.

– Save the places where you found the mushrooms and consult them later, without sharing them with other collectors.

– Look for places to eat after a day of mushroom picking or cook your mushrooms with the recipes they offer you.

– Have fun learning about new species with the mushroom identification game.

Undoubtedly in the top App to recognize mushrooms by photos.

application to recognize mushrooms by photos free mushroom identifier


mushroom app

It is one of the most complete applications in terms of use and design. It has more than 1500 images with which you will be able to identify more than 300 species of mushrooms included in its database and it is necessary to have a good design and that everything is very intuitive. It puts it in one of our favorites, so the chips aren’t wasted. Even a part where The poisonous mushroom with which it can be confused appears. I really recommend this app.

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application to identify mushroomsthe app recognizes mushrooms

This application to identify mushrooms, like the others, has a large database. Here you will find and be able to recognize the most common mushrooms and mushrooms that you can find with a detailed description and several photographs.

If something differentiates this application from the rest is that it has a real-time chat to talk and consult the whole community about any doubts we have.

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app identify mushroomsonline mushroom id

This application or mushroom identifier offers us nothing more and nothing less than 83 species of mushrooms that we can find all over the world. We can identify them by defining the fungus, as stem or crown, or if it is flaky or porous. Even in the type of forest where it appears. In this way, we also learn to differentiate ourselves and to understand this world.

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A fairly comprehensive guide to mushroom identification. Over 150 species are included and it is approved by the Royal Botanical Garden of CSIC.

You have the possibility to see the characteristics of each mushroom and to share your discoveries or field experiences with the community.

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Finally, and although it is not an application to find and recognize mushrooms, it is an application that can be of great interest to us and where we can save the route and the places where we have found mushrooms. Since then in little corners where sometimes you find real mushroom mines and thus be able to come back at another time or the following year, when they have come out. The app is called Trackeen Mushroom Edition.

What do you think? To doDo you know any other app or mushroom id more who deserves to be here? Leave us green ideas in the comments.


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