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3D printed house ready to live in 2 weeksBuilding a house is a dream for many people. And often this dream turns into a nightmare with endless work that ends up being a source of waste of material and labor, consuming natural resources and money. One of the solutions for more sustainable projects is the 3D printing of houses, for example in Austin, Texas. Thanks to technology from ICON and a project from Lake | Flato Architects, the 3 bedroom house was completed in 2 weeks and was called House Zero. The idea is that this is the first in a series of houses built with this 3D printing technology.

3D printed house ready to live in 2 weeksPhoto: ICON

“House Zero is the starting point for the rise of new design and architecture languages ​​that will use robotic construction to deliver what we need most from our homes: comfort, beauty, durability and affordability,” said Jason Ballard, CEO and one of the founders of ICON.

The walls of the house were cast with a cementitious mixture called Lavacrete, developed by the company. The material guarantees thermal protection while reducing construction time and above all waste.

3D printed house ready to live in 2 weeksPhoto: ICON

With good thermal insulation, the use of air conditioning is also reduced, saving electricity, money and natural resources.

The use of artificial lighting is also reduced thanks to the project, which combines sustainability and biophilia. A skylight and strategically placed openings allow the passage of diffused natural light.

3D printed house ready to live in 2 weeksPhoto: ICON

The curved walls of the 3D printing ensure good stability to the structure, reinforced with steel at certain points. Rounded corners create a feeling of comfort, referencing shapes found in nature. Doors and windows are positioned to frame the exterior landscape, reinforcing this connection to the natural world.

“The 3D-printed wall design and its inherent biophilic quality conveys an orderly yet non-rigid pattern that evokes a sense of natural grounding and refuge,” says architect Lewis McNeel, partner at Lake|Flato.

3D printed house ready to live in 2 weeksPhoto: ICON

Concrete is mixed with wood, another material that guarantees a more durable construction and also contributes to a more welcoming decoration, which refers to the farms of this region of Texas. An example of 3D printing technology combined with the human hand to design a house.

For more information, visit www.iconbuild.com

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