3D printed clay cigar humidor made with recycled ceramic powder

There are plenty of humidifiers on the market for when we have to spend a lot of time indoors and need a little extra humidity in our spaces. Most of them are electric. But of course it would be better if we could have something more durable and made from sustainable materials. Today we are talking about a 3D print, which works without electricity, which uses recycled industrial waste.

This concept is called Printing clay humidifier and can be created by 3D printing using recycled ceramic powder.

This non-electric humidifier is made up of two main parts. The upper part is the one that absorbs the water and then evaporates it. The lower part is where the water is poured and stored and is glazed on the outside. The structure was created in such a way that it does not need to be separated and can be printed in one piece.

The main ingredient used for 3D printed clay is recycled ceramic powder with a ratio of 1:3.

It is not only able to shape the curves of the humidifier, but also can improve water absorptionwhich is something important for this device.

And once the humidifier’s life cycle is over, it can be used as recycled clinker to create other 3D clay printed products. It makes the product truly sustainable, the way you created it, what you used to create it, and how you dispose of it, it’s a whole life cycle.

Depending on the size or size of the space you need the humidifier in, you can use it individually or combine it with other printed clay humidifiers.

As for the design, tries to imitate the shape of a normal humidifierbut because of the material, it has more texture.

The render of the product shows that you can even use the top as a vase or planter in case you want to add some color or decoration to the plain-looking device.

I don’t know if you can add color to the material itself, in case you don’t like the natural color of the clay.

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