3 keys to selling a green business

The green transition has had a noticeable impact on the economic system. Our corporate fabric is becoming more efficient and is part of environmental protection initiatives. Business models, the methodologies that configure them or the materials used in production processes are some of the most striking factors of change. Projects and businesses that have a strong ecological foundation are a return opportunity for many investors. Do you own such a business and want to sell it? If so, pay attention, we’ll tell you about it.

Selling a business can be quite complex. Identifying buying opportunities or making a good business proposal become determining factors. In addition, the adoption of the necessary measures and precautions becomes essential if risks are to be avoided. In fact, when we talk about the sale of businesses, we refer to a sector of activity as such and, therefore, it is advisable to benefit from the support and advice of a specialized team during all the stages of the operation.

If you are evaluating the possibility of putting your business up for sale, it is important that you keep in mind certain factors that can define the success of the procedure. In this article, we share with you a selection of keys to effectively sell a business.


Locate the buyer

The first question that arises after making the decision to sell a business is knowing exactly how to go about it. As with any buying and selling process, it is necessary to use certain tools. Designing a commercial and prospective strategy to identify the ideal buyer will become the central axis of the operation. Moreover, it is advisable to keep in mind that during the sales phase, you must maintain anonymity throughout the process until the final phase.

The acquisition of companies is a very promising investment model for people (natural or legal persons) who seek to obtain new sources of long-term profitability. However, the most common is that when the first contact is established, a contractual agreement with a confidentiality clause is formalized. In this way, the procedure can be carried out in a context of two-way anonymity, i.e. neither you as the seller have to reveal your identity nor, on the contrary, the buyer does not have to TO DO. Thanks to this, certain potential risks are eliminated on the basis of certain guarantees in terms of protection.

Prepare the preliminary contract

Have you spotted one or more candidates or potential buyers? In this case, the first step will be to provide information about your business. The constitution of a small file bringing together the most relevant data such as the activity carried out, its methodologies, its achievements or its evolution over time will facilitate the negotiation process. In this way, the potential buyer will be more inclined to design an offer more suited to the real value of the business.

When carrying out the process, it will be essential to draft a preliminary contract in which the nature of the agreement will be defined. Thanks to this, the acquirer will be able to count on a more precise and transparent perspective and, ultimately, the assessment of its viability will be much easier in order to finance the takeover of companies.

In the preliminary contract, the data of both parties involved in the agreement should be reflected. Throughout this phase, the company must also pass a mandatory audit. The process may take a little longer because it will require a precise analysis and a series of checks that will allow the potential buyer to gain greater confidence and know with more certainty what type of business they are going to acquire.

complete the sale

Once the last phase has been completed, the parties concerned seal the sale operation under the previously established conditions. By developing in a context of total transparency, the degree of satisfaction in both directions is guaranteed. As a seller, it is not recommended to let certain external subjective aspects (for example, the buyer’s opinion of the value or the nature of the business) determine the selling price. Reducing it based on these types of conditions or factors is not recommended and can be detrimental to the profitability to be obtained.

It is an operation that requires certain knowledge, so the most advisable thing to obtain the expected results is to receive the help or advice of a team of professionals specialized in the sector who help guide the sales process in the good direction.

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