2022 is currently the hottest year in history in Spain


The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), dependent on the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has just made public that the year 2022 is, from January to September, the hottest in the historical series and the third driest.

The month of September was warm overall, with an average temperature in mainland Spain of 19.8°C, 0.6°C above the average for that month (reference period: 1981- 2010). It was the hottest September 21 since the series began in 1961 and the 8th hottest of the 21st century.

Extremely hot September

September was extremely hot on the southeast coast of the peninsula, very hot on the rest of the Mediterranean coast, warm in the center and in the northwest quadrant of the peninsula, and normal or cold in Extremadura, south of Castile and León and west. end of Andalusia. In the Balearic Islands it had a very hot or extremely hot character, while in the Canary Islands it had a very variable character from region to region, resulting in a normal set.

The most notable thermal anomalies approached +2°C in large areas of Catalonia, eastern Aragon, the Valencian Community, the region of Murcia and eastern Andalusia, reaching values ​​close to +3°C at certain points in these regions. In the Balearic Islands, the anomalies also approached the figure of +2°C.

Daily maximum temperatures averaged 0.4°C above normal, while minimum temperatures were 0.8°C above average, resulting in a daily thermal oscillation of 0.4°C below normal for the month.

Compared to the ephemerides, in five main stations, located in the Balearic Islands, Region of Murcia and Ceuta, the average temperature of the month was the highest in September since the beginning of the observations. In the main stations of Menorca/airport and Ceuta, the highest temperature for a month of September has been recorded since the start of the respective series.

In addition, at sixteen main stations, the highest minimum temperature for a month of September has been observed since records exist. In contrast, the resorts of Fuerteventura/airport, Lanzarote/airport and La Palma/airport recorded the lowest daily maximum temperature in September since the start of the respective series.

The Canary Islands record their wettest September

Last month was dry in terms of precipitation, with an average precipitation value over peninsular Spain of 35.7 mm, or 81% of normal for the month (reference period: 1981-2010). It was the 26th driest September since the series began in 1961 and the 10th of the 21st century. On the other hand, in the Canary Islands, it is the wettest September since the beginning of the series in 1961.

September was between normal and dry in most of the peninsula, with the exception of western Galicia, eastern Asturias, northern Cantabria and the Basque Country, northern Girona, the region from the Ebro Delta, western Castile and León, Extremadura, Murcia and southern Aragon. In the Balearic Islands, September was wet, with the exception of the island of Majorca, where it was normal. On the other hand, in the Canary Islands, the month of September was extremely wet on all the islands.


Regarding the ephemerides in the main observatories, Gran Canaria/airport recorded 104 mm on the 25th, which is the highest value of daily precipitation since the start of the series in 1951; La Palma/airport recorded 85.5mm on the 24th, the highest value in its streak since 1970; Izaña recorded 82.4mm on the 24th, again this is the highest value in the series since 1920.

With regard to the total precipitation of the month in the main stations, the 187.3 mm of La Palma/airport constitutes the highest value of its series since 1970, the 177.3 mm accumulated in Tenerife north/airport is the value the highest in the series since 1941 and the 153.2 mm accumulated in Gran Canaria/airport which, again, constitutes the highest value in its series since its debut in 1970.

Character font: MITECO

Reference article: https://www.miteco.gob.es/es/prensa/ultimas-noticias/2022-es-por-ahora-el-a%C3%B1o-m%C3%A1s-c%C3%A1lido-en- space%C3%B1a/tcm:30-546243

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