13 Amazing Prefab Homes You Can Live With Independently

  • Autonomous prefabricated houses.
    • Haven, the prefab geodesic house for those looking for self-contained accommodation.
    • Freestanding tent, portable and self-sufficient tents.
    • Mobile Home: your home wherever and whenever you want.
    • ALPOD, the “new generation of modern living”.
    • Baobeb, sleeping among the trees.
    • Drop Pod, between a caravan and a common house.
    • Ecocapsule, flexibility and durability.
    • Harwyn Pod, extra space ready in two hours.
    • POD-Indlada, the modular nanohouse.
    • Pod Space, flexibility and design in one.
    • Podzook, this place to isolate yourself.
    • 3D printed SOM shelter.
  • Transport and assembly of a prefabricated house.
  • Boxabl’s house
Prefabricated houses with which you can live independently

Living off the grid and in touch (and in harmony) with nature or simply knowing that one can get lost in any corner of the world and find a safe and comfortable refuge there are increasingly common aspirations. For this reason, there is no shortage of answers to make these dreams come true: prefabricated, modular and mobile homes with a futuristic or classic cut, oval-shaped habitats that can even hang from a tree or energy-efficient systems created from 3D printing are some of the alternatives available among the wide range of prefabricated and portable accommodations. As you will see below, there is something for almost everyone.

There is a worldwide “boom” or “fad” for prefab homes, with their assembly being faster, more energy efficient and expandable as much as the land you have available. More and more people choose to live in prefabricated houses and thus choose the place where they want to live. Yes, they are more efficient, but they are surely not as cheap as they tell us. You can read this article which will dispel some doubts.


Autonomous prefabricated houses.

Haven, the prefab geodesic house for those looking for self-contained accommodation.

Hyper-efficient, durable, adaptable and economical. It is the prefabricated geodesic house model, designed as a sustainable and self-sufficient house.

Freestanding tent, portable and self-sufficient tents.

Stand-alone tents are self-contained, pre-made, solar-powered tents that can be pitched anywhere.

Mobile Home: your home wherever and whenever you want.

The prefabricated mobile home ‘Mobile Home’ is a compact structure and built on a mobile platform that can be transported anywhere.

ALPOD, the “new generation of modern life”.

This is how its promoters see it and this is, at least, what this prefabricated mobile, adaptable to residential or professional use, shows in images. Clearly futuristic (which is accentuated by the sight of the ALPOD tower that its creators envision in the future) and seemingly simple, this house is designed using precision engineering and aeronautical technology.

Flexibility and modernity are the keynotes of Alpod, which features an aluminum exterior and a minimalist interior with huge floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in natural light. Equipped with a bathroom, a kitchen and enough space for the rest of the rooms (a total of 43 square meters), this proposal offers a useful life of more than 50 years.

Baobeb, sleeping among the trees.

Sleep among the trees or in an unusual place in an unusual environment. With less space than the ALPOD, but even more flexibility to install it where you need it and when you need it, that’s what Baobed offers. This kind of tree house of the future It can be deployed on the ground or, as it has been advanced, in the middle of the trees, hung with a specially designed support.

With 450 kilos of weight and some dimensions of 4×2 metersthis proposal inspired for its design in the fruits of the Baobab is specially designed to offer a comfortable, safe and secluded place to spend the night.

Drop Pod, between a caravan and a common house.

Designed by In-Tenta for a competition, Drop Pod is a mobile and modular hotel room. The proposal explores a new way of traveling and spending leisure to propose as an answer this alternative accommodation model which, according to its promoters, is located halfway between the caravan and the room in a classic building. The difference compared to this last option? That it can be installed where you want, with ease, disassemble it without any ecological impact and locate it later in another place.

This design, which is inspired by the organic forms of nature itself, is part of the firm’s microarchitecture collection. It is available in two models -for two adults or for a family- and one of its features is the elimination of barriers between inside and outside, with huge windows that favor views and entry. sunlight during the day.

eco capsuleflexibility and durability.

Similar in appearance to Baobed, Ecocapsule is an ideal solution for those seeking complete freedom. The freedom to spend the night where they want, but also to do so with the guarantee of having energy to cover their needs. To this end, this portable case design incorporates equipment to capture solar and wind energyin addition to a water collection system.

With dimensions of 4’45×2’25×2’55, Ecocapsule has enough space for one or two people that this design allows “a new sustainable way of life”, according to its promoters. Made of fiberglass superimposed on an aluminum frame that guarantees the insulation of the interior, this house offers more than just a place to sleep, integrating a bathroom and a kitchen.

Ecocapsule is currently open to the reservation of the first 50 units to be launched on the market. Whoever stays away from this group will have to wait for the second generation of this solution, which is expected in 2018. The price of this smart and durable mobile home is 79,900 euros.

Harwyn Pod, extra space ready in two hours.

Only two hours are needed to assemble this small mobile space. Unlike previous proposals, Harwyn Pod expands its possibilities of use with the multiple models available. So they can used in schools, companies or in the private sectorfor example to have your own space to rehearse or paint, if you are a musician or an artist.

With dimensions ranging from 2’2×2’2, for the model “Perfect for one” (perfect for one), up to 3’15×5’45, in the case of “Room for all” (room for everyone), this solution is designed to be waterproof and also to be energy efficient.

The price range is very varied and goes from 32,400 euros, for the smallest basic model, to between 65,000 and 92,000 euros for the largest.

POD-Indlada, the modular nanohouse.

It may seem like just another house, but POD-Indlada is a modular, prefabricated nanohouse that offers enough space for two people and even to accommodate guests. Modular to be used as accommodation or as tourist or student accommodation, this model can be installed individually or in groups, to form communities.

He has a area of ​​17.2 square meters which, by adding modules, can be extended as much as you want. Flexible also inside, which is offered in different configurations, this two-storey house built in South Africa has as main materials steel, aluminum and wood. “A simpler life will allow you to focus on what matters: the experience of living”assure the creators of this idea that it offers everything one is looking for in a residence, but in a modest way.

Pod Space, flexibility and design in one.

Another alternative for living without the ties and rigidity that a typical property entails is offered by Pod Space, another modular home that “You can be as flexible as you want., according to its creators. In addition to flexibility, innovation, design and durability are the hallmarks of this award-winning proposal that can be used as a complete home, office or simply as extra space to be installed wherever you want.

Many of the components of this housing option have sustainability in mind. With an insulation system on the walls that guarantees thermal efficiency, glass that promotes energy savings, and low-consumption heating and lighting systems, Pod Space also offers more extras to make it even more respectful of nature, What sorganic roofing systems that increase insulation acoustic and thermal capacities.

Podzook, this place to isolate yourself.

Back to oval shapes, this Podzook proposal known as Archipod is another solution designed to use as an office or extra room for the garden of a house. However, as its creators point out, the possibilities for it to adapt to the use that the consumer wants are enormous. Thus, Podzook can become a playroom, an office, a meditation space or a simple secluded place to retreat.

With two possible models, one with a diameter of 2.4 meters and the other with a diameter of 3.2, the solution is, as can be seen in the image, a bentwood structure that fully guarantees insulation. Once through the particular door that gives access to this micro-world, the design is equipped with an ergonomic circular desk, as well as seats, chests of drawers and other furniture, which can be adapted to individual needs.

3D printed SOM shelter.

If Baobeb or Ecocapsule give the impression of being in a science fiction film, with the SOM Shelter 3D printer, the sensations will not be very different. Created by architecture firm SOM in collaboration with the United States Department of Energy for an exhibition project, this house stands out in many ways; most striking, perhaps, the fact that it is made with 3D printed materials.

But the news does not stop there. This housing solution developed to demonstrate how far clean energy can go, offers an answer for off-grid living. To do this, this design incorporates flexible photovoltaic panels on the roof, in addition to a generator powered by natural gas and integrated into the vehicle visible in the image, which allows to provide energy for lighting or cooking. . 11.5 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, the structure adopts optimized geometric shapes to attenuate the turbulence of the outside air. Also, explore the reduction of construction materials which, in this case, can be recycled and reprinted to give this solution new forms and uses.

Transport and assembly of a prefabricated house.

Out of curiosity, we end this review with a real montage of a prefabricated house in Burgos (Spain):


Pyramidal, very resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes, efficient, intelligent and self-powered by renewable energies.

After several earthquakes and natural disasters that have occurred around the world and with the new boom in renewable energies, it occurred to me to design, calculate, record and patent this “house of the future “just call PYRAMID-ALL.

Prefabricated solar houses on stilts, with rainwater harvesting and organic gardens.

Architect Alexis Dornier imagined a beautiful ecological concept for a series of prefabricated houses that rise in the landscape on stilts.

Boxabl’s house

Boxabl has an area of ​​20 x 20 m² and ceilings with a height of 2.90 m, a solution to deal with the housing shortage.

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