11 shipping containers transformed into a luxury home thanks to the creativity of a Nigerian

Have you ever imagined living in a house built with shipping containers? This innovative and sustainable house proves that it is possible to create a comfortable and attractive living space using recycled materials. Stacked with eleven bins, this house is an example of how materials often considered “waste” can be used to build a functional and eye-catching home. Best of all, each container has been kept in its original colors, resulting in an ultra colorful and unique home. Read on to learn more about this amazing shipping container home!

Thousands of shipping containers are thrown away every year around the world. After many trips, they are dismantled and recycled in some countries around the world.

However, in some countries, particularly in Africa, they are stored for hypothetical recycling. In Europe, some companies are recycling shipping containers to turn them into homes. They are usually insulated with different types of coatings and painted evenly. Once the house is built, it is difficult to know that it is made of shipping containers.

In Nigeria, a man built a house out of 11 stacked shipping containers and left them in their original color. It won’t please everyone. However, the interior is worth it.


The container house in Nigeria.

A few days after the publication of the photos of this unusual container house, the comments were not long in coming, and they are quite mixed. Some love it, others hate it, but what this quirky house is not lacking is color. The owner took 11 completely different colored shipping containers and shaped them into an L shape. Four containers on the ground floor, two rows of three stacked above, and a final container perched on the second floor.

Spectacular inside.

Some interior photos have been released, but they do not show all 11 containers.

One of the containers has been converted into a spacious kitchen where black cabinets contrast with light wood countertops. The owners have installed a central island which opens onto a living room.

The piece seems to have been designed inside two containers. One of them has been transformed into a living room with a large sofa, a television, a few armchairs and a decoration that could be described as industrial.

The other has been designed as a spacious bedroom in pastel tones.

All the original doors have been preserved and serve, a priori, as shutters for the huge windows.

What do you think of this design?

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